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Как я ненавижу некоторые вещи!

Иран американцы понемногу долбают. В частности дестабилизируют ситуацию изнутри. Раньше основным инструментом дестабилизации были студенческие волнения. Теперь новшество - азербайджанский вопрос (исторический большой Азербайджан был поделен Россией и Персией, по этому вопросу в тех краях бывал Грибоедов).

Я подписан на рассылки некоторых европейских молодежных организаций, которых пытаются втянуть в антииранскую кампанию под лозунгом защиты азербайджанцев, которые по последним решением "мировой закулисы" в области географии являются европейцами.

Обратите внимание на заголовок перого сайта, т.е. там типа уже Революция и скоро на карте появится единое, демократичное и свободное государство азербайджанцев, которых разделили кровожадные Россия и Иран 180 лет назад...

Читаем (адреса и имена заменю ***):

>From: "..." <***@PORA.ORG.UA>
>To: DEMOCRACY-***@***.org
>Subject: [DEMOCRACY] More about the story
>Date: Tue, 30 May 2006 14:43:20 +0300
>Dear friends,
>it is very good that the attention is finally drawn to this issue. You
>should know that the part of Iran known as Southern Azerbaijan was
>initially a part of the united country, but in 1828 Azerbaijan was divided
>between Russia and Iran. The northern part that went to Russia is now an
>independent state, and the southern part still belongs to Iran. While
>there are from 25 to 35 million ethnic Azeris in Iran, there is no single
>school teaching in this language. So the anger of Azeris, whose rights in
>Iran have been systematically oppressed, is easy to understand.
>For a long time they have been facing utter discrimination and often
>violent repressions by Iranian governments determined to destroy their
>cultural and ethnic identity. Recently one of Iran's official newspapers
>has published cartoons insulting and humiliating Azerbaijanis, explicitly
>comparing them to cockroaches and discussing ways to eliminate them. That
>became the last straw in the constant discrimination of Azerbaijanis. A
>series of mass demonstrations of protest have been taking place in the
>largest cities of Iranian Azerbaijan: Tabriz, Zanjan, Urmia, Ardebil,
>Maraga etc. as well as in Tehran
>Iran authorities has already used violence against the demonstrators,
>around 20 people were already killed. Unfortunately, these protests are
>not very well covered in mass media.
>some photo links:
> http://www.azadtribun.net/x622.htm
> http://www.azadtribun.net/x633.htm
> > From: ***
> > Date: 05/26/06 23:30:56
> > To: azerbaijani_studies@yahoogroups.com ; azerisi@yahoogroups.com;
> > azeristudents@yahoogroups.com; ***@yahoogroups.com ;
> > ***@yahoogroups.com; ***@yahoogroups.com; ***@yahoogroups.com ;
> > french_alumni_network@yahoogroups.com;
> > german_alumni_network@yahoogroups.com
> > ACTION/Brussels, 30 May at 12.30
> >
> > Dear ALL,
> >
> > Iranian regime has deprived its biggest Azerbaijani minority of getting
> > education in schools in Azerbaijani language. Millions of Azerbaijanis in
> > IRAN are humiliated and suppressed in their everyday life because of their
> > ethnic origin by the Iranian regime in many different ways. Now REGIME IN
> > IRAN has started to kill those who fight FOR FREEDOM.They have killed last
> > week more than 20 people trying to supress mass protests which have
> > mobilized hundreds of thousands Azerbaijanis on the streets.
> >
> >
> > AZERBAIJANI PEOPLE have united now to SAY NO to supression and to SAY YES
> > TO
> >
> > We are inviting ALL PEOPLE, organizations and networks in EUROPE to
> > protest
> > against violation of human rights and freedoms of AZERBAIJANIS in IRAN.
> > Please come, bring your slogans and bring your flags.
> >
> > FEEL FREE to come to protest against IRANIAN REGIME and to express your
> > solidarity with those who LOVE FREEDOM and are READY TO DIE FOR FREEDOM.
> >
> > Time and Place: Tuesday, May 30/ at Shuman Square (Brussels, Belgium)/ at
> > 12:30
> >
> > Please, send this letter to all your friends and networks in Europe.
> >
> > With best regards,
> >
> > ***
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