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Shopping paradise in UK

This morning started from the watching mess on TV. Priest said a lot about contemporary shopping culture and other related issues, particularly emphasize Christmas shopping stress feelings...
Later I left to see - no, I haven't planned any shopping - H.M.Y. Britannia decommissioned royal yacht. Surprisingly I found that yacht museum is inbuilt into huge Ocean terminal shopping centre as a one of boutique shops. Can you imagine that's even doesn't specially marked somehow. You find it between Debenhams department store and some other shop. Buying the ticket on some city buses you get a discount to yacht entrance fee, yacht ticket gives you discount to a number of eateries at the same shopping mall...
Probably, I'm not Western-minded enough if that stuff still surprise me... Actually UK is only one country where I had beer in a pub made in former church. E.g. in Edinburgh there's an information centre in a former church on Royal mile main street; a wall of some other church became a part of shopping mall facade. Oxford has some places like that...

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