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Собрался я было в Прагу на конференциюю

и вдруг получаю в рассылке следующее:

...here we go again with some complications;) ... hopefully there will be none during the conference itself.

So... please pay attenition: IF YOURE COMING ON THURSDAY NIGHT or FRIDAY early MORNING, there is a huge simulated counterterrorism training running at two lacations in the centre. Unfortunately one of these locations is the second biggest railway station in Prague - HOLESOVICKE NADRAZI. The second one is the subway stop NAMESTI REPUBLIKY.

!!!!! Both places are gonna be closed Friday from 1:00 a.m. to 6 a.m. !!!!!

Some restictions will also take place at several streets around Namesti Republiky and another railway station called MASARYKOVO NADRAZI. The streets will be most probably closed and some trams may not work as well.

I`m really sorry for this inconvenience, I hope it won`t cause any promblems to people coming.

However, if you happen to be around at that time, do not panic, the police, fireman and wounded people lying around - it`s all just a part of the biggest counterterrorism training in Prague ever :)

Greetings form chilly Prague...

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